Long Distance Love Poem by Solon Z

We may never end up seeing each other

Because of miles that stand between two lovers.

It would take a powerful heart and mighty effort

In order to bring two souls so close in comfort.

Regardless how near or distant, one thing I know is consistent.

You are beautiful, and angelic, Love’s one true epidemic

This much is evident from seeing your pictures

Like a Goddess we read of in myths or in scriptures

Find a prince, to treat you as the princess you’ll be.

And not discarded, like some forgotten anomaly.

And If I’m lucky to meet you, and sparks fly out as they may

I’ll consider myself privileged in the fewest words that I can say

And love you with every last breath from here to eternity

Till death do us part, without insecurity

And, so it is in these words, that I wish to do

In the nicest way known how and make love to you.

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